Test bench and encoder

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Test bench and encoder

Testing and programming tools

This equipment enables a report of the Testing and Programming functions to be printed, as well as the storage of these reports on disk or hard drive.
The test also enables users to check the ELT’s performance for all radio parameters on the three frequencies, according to the tolerances defined by Cospas-Sarsat.
The STB-06 A and LA are easy to learn to use via a short training course and are an ideal tool for reprogramming an ELT on board an aircraft or in a workshop.

The encoder enables rapid reprogramming of all ELTs in the ADT406 range.

A certificate is issued after completing our training courses and allows users to update their "capability list".

ELTA maintenance tools will enable customers to maintain its ELT's with appropriate equipment. Training sessions can also be provided to use it according to ELTA' s recommendations.

Main Features

  • Fast and simple radiofrequency testing on each frequency: 121.5, 243 and 406 MHz
  • The perfect tool for reprogramming ELTs on board or in a workshop
  • Easy to use following a short training course

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