Automatic/Fixed emergency locator transmitter: ADT 406 AF

The ADT 406 AF automatic/fixed emergency locator transmitter meets European and U.S. standards

The ADT 406 model is approved by the Cospas-Sarsat system and functions on three frequencies (406, 243, 121.5 MHz).
It is an automatic and fixed universal ELT approved by the European and U.S. authorities, EASA and FAA.

The ADT 406 range ELTs are equipped with dual antenna access (external + portable) to ensure signal transmission and are powered by batteries with a 5 year life span.

Main features

  • Compact, lightweight, stand-alone,
  • Identification Module
  • Selectable automatic activation direction
  • Dual antenna access
  • Easy maintenance and installation
  • Can be connected to onboard GPS via the navigation interface
  • No false activation induced by EMI

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