ELTA focuses on the ground segment of Earth observation, navigation and telecommunications markets…

Balloons and terminals

For over 40 years, ELTA has been supplying onboard and ground equipment for piloting and locating stratospheric balloons for space agencies. ELTA also produces satellite transmission terminals for localization, telemetry, and telecommand of mobile equipment. With its experience acquired from major projects such as NOSYCA, ELTA is able to supply comprehensive systems.

These products and systems are divided into 2 families:

  • Satellite terminals:ARGOS, SARSAT, IRIDIUM, INMARSAT, right up to comprehensive solutions such as tide recorders for buoys (environmental measurement), and mobile equipment monitoring. Secure modem connections: Implementation of discreet and robust connections, utilizing spread spectrum and frequency hopping technologies.
  • Balloon equipment:Onboard equipment for operational and scientific applications. Onboard and ground systems for complete aerostat control.