CCSDS Telemetry and Telecommand Card


CCSDS Telemetry and Telecommand Card

ELTA supplies CCSDS products for processing earth/satellite and satellite/earth data.

They are now integrated into the satellite/earth station and satellite test benches: JASON, ROSETTA, ATV.
These products completely meet the CCSDS-ESA standard:

  • ESA-PSS-04-107 Version 2, April 92 "Packet Telecommand Standard "
  • ESA-PSS-04-106 Version 1, January 88 "Packet Telemetry Standard"
  • ESA-PSS-04-103 Version 1, January 89 "Telemetry Channel Coding Standard"

Main features

  • Meets CCSDS-ESA standards
  • User bitrates of up to 1.6 Mbits/s
  • Solomon decoder with 1 to 5 interlacing
  • Cyclic redundancy controller
  • Status playback
  • Frame synchronizer
  • Standard local PCI bus

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