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The NOSYCA system

NOSYCA is the NOuveauSYstème de Contrôle des Aérostats developed for CNES. ELTA designed and produced the onboard equipment and ground station for this fail-safe system.

ELTA is constantly attentive to the scientific community and brings its expertise and know-how on the subject to scientific events

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The SIREN SOL unit de-multiplexes the various inputs/outputs of the onboard SIREN gondola to reconstitute them on the ground.

The SIREN gondola

The SIREN gondola (Système d'Interface du REseauNosyca - ) connects scientific equipment to the onboard NOSYCA network via a WiFi link.

The SIREN gondola is modular. It is a stand-alone unit, providing its own thermal protection, heating and energy.

However, to optimize volume and the weight, the SIREN subassembly can be integrated directly into the scientific payload.

The NSO gondola

La NSO, (Nacelle de Servitudes Opérationnelles - Operational Service Gondola) is the main onboard command/control equipment of NOSYCA, for piloting a stratospheric balloon.

The NEV gondola

The NEV gondola (Nacelle EnVelope), carries out monitoring of the balloon envelope at all times, including after separation.

It notably allows it to signal its presence in air corridors with the radar transponder and the flashing light.

SCILA Station

The SCILA Station (Station de Contrôle sous Internet pour les Lancements d’Aérostats - ) is the automatic station in S-Band of the NOSYCA system which ensures the high speed connection between the control center and the onboard ITAC module mounted below the OSB (see NSO gondola).