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ECP - Satellite Link Emulator

RF propagation channel simulator

The ECP is a satellite link emulator (SLE) designed to simulate the principle propagation phenomena occurring during the transmission of RF signals between the ground stations and satellites or other mobile devices, such as land vehicles, aircraft, missiles, etc.

Developed by the Research and Development department, ECP demonstrates ELTA's expertise in the field of the transmission of broadband data and its integration. The ECP can accommodate up to 4 synchronized channels.

The ECP carries out transfers on a 40 MHz channel.It can simulate the following disturbances:

  • Continuous variable phase delay up to 500ms
  • "Rice/Rayleigh" multipath simulator (optional)
  • "Jitter" function
  • Tracking simulator (optional)
  • "Doppler" simulator
  • Carrier phase noise generator (optional)
  • Adjustable level fading simulator
  • Perturbation data simulation software: PROPALOG (optional)
  • Thermal noise generator (optional)
  • Jammer simulator (optional)
  • Two calculation methods: static and real-time

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