Navys is a flexible GNSS constellation simulator developed by Thales Alenia Space (Mission Software) and Elta (simulator) under contract to CNES.Its development was initiated in order to meet the growing needs of navigation laboratories.

This device is integrated into a number of GNSS receiver test benches, allowing end-to-end analysis of GNSS signals.In addition to performing standard functions for calculating the distance between satellites and the receiver, the Navys GNSS constellation simulator can play scenarios fully defined by the user, such as, for example, scenarios for spatial receivers involving a strong dynamic.

The user has access to a large number of features, including the trajectories of satellites and the user, atmospheric propagation phenomena (ionosphere and troposphere), multipath propagation (statistical and deterministic models), defining custom signals (wave form, mapping, code, navigation data). Furthermore, Navys was designed to generate broadband multi-frequency signals in order to generate millimeter-precise positions. Each chassis (4U 19" rack) can incorporate up to 44 independent channels.

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