The REM is a very high rate flexible modulator capable of delivering digital modulation signals of different types on 1 to 4 independent channels:

  • Linear (Pi/2-BPSK, Pi/4-QPSK, BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK, 3Pi/8-8PSK, 16APSK (with programmable radius ratio), 16QAM,
  • GMSK type 2 state continuous phase with programmable BT and states,
  • Optional OQPSK, 32APSK modulation (with programmable radius ratio).

The signal transmitted over a transmission channel can be multi-carrier type.

A transmission channel can generate an AWG (arbitrary waveform generator) signal, which can be generated either alone or superimposed on the modulated signal (and possibly multiplexed), or completing the multiplex by juxtaposing on the modulated carrier or in multiplex.

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