ELTA has a wealth of expertise in the design, production and maintenance of cutting-edge electronic equipment for hostile environments…



ELTA focuses on the ground segment of Earth observation, navigation and telecommunications markets…

Skills & Expertise

Over 25 years of research, design and manufacture of high-technology products with unsurpassed reliability, serving states, institutions, and industry. ELTA’s skills and expertise focus on three main areas of the target markets: Fail-safe electronics, Radio transmission, Measurement.

Fail-safe electronics

Our electronics have built-in redundancy in order to secure data in situations where it is essential to ensure 100% availability without any failure or loss.

Radio transmission

ELTA specializes in secure radio transmission in VHF, UHF, L-, S-, X-, Ka- and Ku-Bands for applications in the aeronautics and space markets.
Expertise built up over 20 years working on fail-safe solutions, ELTA’s know-how in systems building ensures that customer requirements are always met.


ELTA’s experience in physical chemistry instrumentation for on-board reactors has led to the development of a range of analyzers for primary, secondary and tertiary circuits of electricity-generating nuclear power plants. ELTA has a hardware and software business for analogue and secure I&C (Instrumentation and Control) systems. Thanks to its multidisciplinary skills, ELTA takes part in projects related to major scientific instruments and notably participates in the CEA’s (the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) laser mega joule projects, as well as the ESRF synchrotron project.