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Portable/survival emergency locator transmitter: ADT 406 S

The ADT 406 S is a portable/survival emergency locator transmitter meeting European and U.S. standards

The ADT 406 model is approved by the Cospas-Sarsat system and functions on three frequencies (406, 243, 121.5 MHz).
It is a portable survival type universal ELT approved by the European and U.S. authorities, EASA and FAA.
The ADT 406 S ELT was designed to activate automatically on contact with water, or manually.

Main features

  • Compact, lightweight, stand-alone
  • Identification Module
  • Manual and water activation
  • Optional storage/transport bag
  • Optional wall mount bracket
  • Meets the latest international standards
  • Easy maintenance and installation
  • No false activation induced by EMI

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