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Emergency Locator Transmitter Model ADT 406 AF Automatic/Fixed type Meeting European and US standards

  • COSPAS-SARSAT approved ELT (406, 243 and 121.5 MHz)
  • Meets all US & European Requirements (FAA/JAA/EASA)
  • Crash (G switch) or Manual Activation (3 position switch)
  • Compatible with all ID Programming Protocols
  • 5 Year Battery Service Life
  • Visual and Aural Activation Alerts
  • Easy maintenance and Service
  • Removable Aircraft Identification Module (Logistics Advantage)
  • Direction of Flight 4-way-position G Switch
  • Connects to External Aircraft Antenna
  • Optional Back-Up Antenna (for enhanced performance)
  • Connects to Remote Control Panel for Activation and Test
  • GPS/NAV Input Compatible
  • Test & Programming Tools Available
  • Easy installation: same drilling patterns as ELT model A06V2 (four holes)



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Quality/Certification :

Main characteristics

- Compact, light weight, stand alone
- Identification Module
- Selectable automatic activation direction
- Dual antenna access
- Easy maintenance and installation
- Possible connection to on-board GPS
- No false activation induced by EMI


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